Flights tickets

Treasure Travel has a license to book plane tickets around all South-East Asia (in particular with Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia) with partnerships with the main local airlines. We can propose you all solutions at very competitive price from and to Laos.

Rates in USD One-way (prices may vary subject to availability and offers)

Luang Prabang Vientiane Lao Airlines $105
Luang Prabang Bangkok Bangkok Airways $225
Luang Prabang Bangkok Lao Airlines $185
Luang Prabang Chiang Mai Lao Airlines $150
Luang Prabang Hanoi Lao Airlines $150
Luang Prabang Hanoi Vietnam Airlines $165
Luang Prabang Siem Reap Lao Airlines $205
Luang Prabang Pakse Lao Airlines $185
Vientiane Pakse Lao Airlines $150
Vientiane Bangkok Lao Airlines $135
Vientiane Bangkok Thai Airways $145
Vientiane Hanoi Lao Airlines $135
Vientiane Hanoi Vietnam Airlines $145
Vientiane Siem Reap Lao Airlines $205
Vientiane Phnom Penh Vietnam Airlines $170

Air plane tickets for all Local routes