The Treasure Team

It’s true to say that Treasure Travel is very much a family run affair ensuring a genuine and honest service.

The Treasure Travel team is composed of the travel agency, a team of 4 managed by Miss Touy, sister of Sisombat, along with his eldest daughter, Miss Mai.

We also have our groups department, led by Phan Kiphavong. We take care of inbound Adventure tour groups from countries like Canada and the UK.

The accounts department is a team of 3 managed by Siamphone, wife of Sisombat.

We also have 10 dedicated full-time English speaking tour guides and can also provide guides that speak a variety of different languages.

Directly devoted to helping travelers have fun and enjoy our beautiful country, our goal is simple, we listen to our customers to find the best solution for all your travel needs.

Whether you need to make advance travel arrangements or in need of assistance when you get to Luang Prabang we strive to make your travel plans become reality.